Ultimate Faith Christian Center's mission:

"Each one teach one, to esteem one another to higher levels."

Apostle Guilford's mission is to minister to those that have been given up on, the homeless, ex-offenders, and those with addictions to teach them the word of God. Being ministered the word of God builds self-esteem and in turn equips individuals to become assets to their community. Part of the ministry's mission in addition to winning souls to Christ, is to be a resource in reducing the number of homeless, addicts, and illiterate in the local community and surrounding areas through uplifting and encouragement through the teaching of biblical truths, education, and skills training. Ultimate Faith Christian Center has both members who are certified teachers and trainers, as well as relationships with licensed contractors, plumbers and electricians who are committed to teaching apprentices until they have become equipped with skills and trades. We believe that this type of mission assists with reducing crime in the community and can possibly prevent it from initially occurring or reoccurring by addressing it at the root of the issue. These issues are in many cases based in poverty due to lack of education, low self-esteem and neglect. The ministry's efforts are to further advance the community by uplifting and teaching a better way of life based on the word of God.

Ultimate Faith Christian Center began with Apostle George Guilford and his wife Charlotte going out to the street corners of Chicago in 2001 ministering to the homeless and drug addicts to win souls to Jesus Christ. They would go to various stores where they could find inexpensive Bibles, mainly dollar stores. When they would find them, they would spend whatever money they had in their pockets and buy as many as possible, often purchasing all that were in stock. Apostle Guilford wanted to always have a Bible available to place into the hands of the person to whom he ministered. His mission was to go to street corners, and into neighborhoods in the areas that were known to be plagued with crime and drugs to minister to whoever the Lord led him, often winning souls to the Kingdom of God. Apostle Guilford would also go to the off ramps of expressways in locations where homeless people held signs noting they were hungry and homeless, and lead them to Christ through ministering the word of God. Many of whom he ministered to and lead to the Lord would contact him within a few months to a year later to let him know that their lives had turned around.

A year after the street ministry, the first physical location was a beauty salon on E. Frontage Road in Bolingbrook, IL. Apostle Guilford ministered at Touch of Beauty Salon utilizing the location on the day it was not open for regular business. Every Monday evening he would hold Bible study open to anyone who came in or walked by, many of whom began to attend on a regular basis. He began his first radio broadcast ministry on The New Rejoice 102.3 with Daryl King that aired for a year. After which, he began holding worship services at the Park District in Bolingbrook, IL every Sunday. Apostle Guildford then moved to the current storefront location on Boughton Road in Bolingbrook, IL beginning Ultimate Faith Christian Center with five members. The ministry has currently outgrown its storefront location and is ready to expand to a larger facility. Apostle George Guilford is now on national television every Friday at 7:00A CT on WJYS Channel 62, PRISM, as well as local Comcast channel 6 in Bolingbrook, IL. With these three telecasts, Ultimate Faith Christian Center is moving forward with reaching souls throughout the earth.

History of Ultimate Faith Christian Center

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